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$$ Guaranteed Money in your Wallet $$

Created Date :- 2014-07-25


When you hear that pitch, first thing you want to do is jump ship. Then you have to say to yourself, is it too good to be true? Everyone of us is looking for that quick hit, or another career that is gonna give us fulfillment and a wallet flush with cash. If you are reading this you obviously are interested in a new revenue stream. All I can tell you is keep your bullshit radar up and your rose colored glasses at an even keel.

All I do for a living is guarantee certainty in an uncertain world. I predict the future and react to it, some call it lucky others call it an edge. I call it intuition. I have been doing this for over 11 years and the one constant edge that I have been honing is intuition, without a thought I already have my decision made. This edge gives me the speed to compete, think rational, and always judge and manage risk. My quick thinking has always afforded me a precious lifestyle. Ask yourself why can't I have this, and where is the guarantee.

The best part is I can give you a guarantee, all you have to do is show up with an open mind and allow yourself to retool the way your brain works. Forget what your parents taught you, living paycheck to paycheck, always wishing it was you who was the boss, living your life timid because of your boss. You were not put on this earth to take orders from others and not be able to spread your wings.

The Bully will guarantee if you show up with that open mind, you will be able to follow the path I teach you to be self sufficient and bring certainty to your lifestyle. You can take the easy way outand just ride the Bully's coattails and profit off of his Bully Alerts doubling, tripling, quadrupling your portfolio. Or you can take those guaranteed profits the Bully gave you and try to learn yourself how to become your OWN BULLY.

Don't let life pass you by, the money will come to you that much I guarantee. If you test yourself and believe in making something for yourself than this is where you should be. It is perfect here, Politicians in Washington, Gamblers in Vegas, and Guaranteed Money at otcbully.com. And all is right with the world!!

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Keys To The Kingdom

Created Date :- 2014-07-23


Plan of Action

The power of a mentor can navigate a person through their own palace of fortune. You have to trust a mentor because you are putting your good faith in their hands. How does one person cycle through all of the hoopla to find that mentor or teacher that can make us achieve what we thought was unachievable? I say the burden of PROOF which is an excellent concept. My name is Bryan Cohen and I am the Bully here at Otcbully.com. I mentor and teach traders/investors how to make money in the markets, consistently year in year out no matter what market cycle we are in.


Enter To Win! Last Day to Enter

Created Date :- 2014-07-16

LAST DAY...Enter the our Giveaway Now for a chance at a $100 Amazon Giftcard. You will receive a FREE GIFT in your inbox just for entering! Good Luck! Winner will be announced on July 20th...


Can You Learn to Trade in 7 Days?

Created Date :- 2014-07-15



A Short Traders Frustration

Created Date :- 2014-07-14




Created Date :- 2014-07-11

The Sexy Job Right out of College

Created Date :- 2014-07-10


3 Fast Money Making Strategies in 30 Minutes

DAS Trader


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