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What is OTCBully?

We give amateur & seasoned traders guidance, mentoring, trading ideas & proof of success; I teach "what" to trade as well as "when", "why", and "where" to trade them and then help you get a Trading account.


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What We Offer

• Real Time Bully Alerts
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Educational Video Library

Don't be Intimidated, I will teach you to how to be your own Bully and "Crush the Markets"


This is where all of your questions on "HOW TO" are going to be answered. These short videos are going to be your blue print for learning how to trade. Read More

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Plan of Action

The power of a mentor can navigate a person through their own palace of fortune. You have to trust a mentor because you are putting your good faith in their hands. How does one person cycle through all of the hoopla to find that mentor or teacher that can make us achieve what we thought was unachievable? I say the burden of PROOF which is an excellent concept. My name is Bryan Cohen and I am the Bully here at Otcbully.com. I mentor and teach traders/investors how to make money in the markets, consistently year in year out no matter what market cycle we are in.


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